The Crocean is an NFT project that started the Crowhales collection (OG – sold out). The project will initially include 3 collections. You will not experience empty promises as in typical NFT projects about metaverse, P2E, exclusiveness, uniqueness or that your picture becomes threatening when the lights go out. The facts are that everyone wants to sell at higher price than when we minted. 


Croturtles, a collection of 6123 unique PFP, is CroceanNFT’s second release of NFT’s on the cronos blockchain. Through holding a piece of this collection, you will be able to gain passive income as all royalties are distributed to holders every 10 days. With the ultimate goal of achieving a floor price of 100+ CRO per NFT, Croturtles provides a low-cost entry to the NFT space (Public Mint Price 16 CRO). Secondary market volume is fueled by weekly floor sweep contests and a new buyback and burn mechanism that makes this collection a deflationary one. It will also increase the prizes on 1 NFT. In addition to the above, holders will also gain a WL spot for the next collection and – if you become a large holder – you have a chance at getting a free NFT drop as well.


Crosharks, a collection of 999 unique PFP, is CroceanNFT’s first release of NFT’s on the cronos blockchain. Through holding a piece of this collection, you will be able to gain passive income as over 50% of the mint revenue was placed in an ever-increasing LP protocol which is distributed to all holders once a month. The increase in LP is achieved through a 50/50 distribution model in which 50% of royalties are distributed to holders while the other 50% is re-invested into the pool, thus growing the pool (and with that the rewards) every single month. This alone allows for recovery of investment but there are additional benefits to holding a Croshark such as access to a dedicated discord channel and prizes for sweep the floor contests. The 999 Crosharks are divided into three types of sharks: 99 Crofaw, 400 Cranger, and 500 Crovogue. This is where another unique mechanism comes into play. If you hold a set of each type mentioned above, you will receive a free NFT of all upcoming collections. Get your shark today, join the community, and dive into the depths of the Crocean.



  • creating a website;
  • twitter update;
  • publicity;
  • community building on TT, DC;
  • partnerships with other projects;
  • giving away WL;
  • minting starts


  • end of mint;
  • airdrop 1:1 for OG collection holders
  • start farming;
  • start staking NFT;
  • listing on Ebisu’s Bay, Crosea;
  • create rarity;
  • giveaways


  • airdrop $CRO from farms and royalties;
  • partnerships with other projects;
  • increasing pools;
  • DAO voting for future plans;
  • expanding team;
  • giveaways
  • creating second collection


Crowhales, a collection of 100 unique PFP, is CroceanNFT’s OG release of NFT’s on the cronos blockchain. With a vision of building a community focused project, the Crowhales were born to serve this very purpose and reward its holders for being part of it from Day 1. Through holding a piece of this OG collection, you will receive an abundance of rewards reaching from an ever-growing reward pool through LP staking (60% of which is distributed to holders, 40% is reinvested to grow the pool), 1:1 NFT airdrops for all upcoming collections, to giveaways. Aside from the above-mentioned rewards, holders also gain access to a dedicated OG discord room and receive voting rights on future plans. Whales are considered the giants of the ocean and Crowhales are no exception from that – having increased to a floor price of around 700 CRO from the 100 CRO mint price, an OG whale would sure look nice in your NFT collection.

Crocean – Founding Member
All the benefits listed below will be active regardless of the number NFTs minted. It means that the mint doesn’t have to end to gets awards. 
Benefits of having a CFM:
– 8% funds from mint each new collection  will be distributed to CFM holders;
– funds from our treasury will be distributed once every 10 days;
– own NFT treasury;
– airdrop 1:1 new collection;
– private sale for CFM
– WL spots from our partners;
– each CFM will reveive an NFT with its own name.

So if you trust us, then let us help you.